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As I am working well to fix to go bank, door in the hotel, at the right moment see she is dressed in member of of the black feather Rong take and feel a piece of nigrescent wooden board.The member stand over there and hope herElder sister, you strip off my clothes. I have been respecting and admiring her, now then this matter in the sky, I really have words to mean to say.That furs, New Canada Goose Kensington Parka For Men and Women Sale Online 2014more than 2,000 money , in the her eyes, is her baby, precious, she loathes to give up.But for that member, that feather Rong takes besides isn't a quite a few is 100 dollars, not the baby of her in the mind?Probably she isn't willing to give up either to wear it come dry live of.

The life road doesn't have the difficulty to can not win.Don't experience to fail on the life road how know to successfully bring joy, it the nature show unintentionally from the mind.When it crosses a mind, I profoundly realize the importance of the study and the exaltation oneself character.In my heart, the road of life needs to diligently work properly to protect and develop.The road of life like this would be more fine.When I live in the predicament China Times, I have no quilt at present of predicament enchant pursue and struggle of road.Let it passes intelligence to make me come out the predicament in nowadays.The road of the life up will experience rains and winds, will experience rainbow, rains and winds approach, I face its headway, let it becomes pushing the aureole that I head for life the other shore, let it becomes the best friend in my mind and becomes my teacher of life road.When rainbow comes, let it becomes pushing the weapon that I fly more.Rains and winds let it be, rainbow let it be, if I lose confidence& mdash;—Equaling the light of hope has been already put out——The life will be that the one is dark.It is the school fees that wants to teach on my growth road, it wants to pay for it.Paying one price like this is worth, it is like the beautiful melody& mdash in the life;—It is moving and tactful.Moving is it lets my understanding what is mature?What is pure?Maturity and simplicities all realize from the growth.Mature is definite view that we have an oneself, have the oneself the principle for doing a person.False, docile, justice, the bravenesses are all humanistic side.No matter false, kind, justice, the bravenesses are all decided by our request in doing a person.While paying for it, our affirmation will harvest successful joy, the precept of failure, this is to grow up road, the top has to experience of a lesson.Beautiful melody, like a classic television drama, let me roam about at pleasure in the plot, let him feel the destiny of host's Mr..A strong time mind that moves me of host's Mr., a churches I am strong.

Is probably above these analysis have a little to too and in brief turn, literature work and real life, don't can do a simple type to compare, but when we make the hair Ze putting the history background at that time eastern 《16 words make 3 》 descend analytical, immediately will discover, work and reality seem to be completely to merge into an integral whole, difficult solution difficult cent.The hair Ze east chases oneself to at that time the analysis of the revolution situation, hoped and fought a speaking favorably of will to the work agriculture Red Army to the looking forward of revolution prospect, passed these three phrases to well but accurately express.

The Buddha mountain shows me everybody is seeking a balances point, it is that we greet other people's irony and the method of misunderstanding.We all have a moment to be misunderstood.Want to treat it with a common mindset at this time, so just can the track of better confidence life road.Of the life road road clear light, it will make us exchange sugar for mind and let eyes of mind open.Of the life road road the clear light in fact see us, how go to and choose and walk that the good life road is on each one-step correct road.While choosing life road, we want to use love, work hard and use a responsibility.While choosing it, should the real strenght and experience from the oneself of consider.Your real strenght is suitable walk a road like this, you will stand out on this road.Its ability sends while choosing false road we to dark of road.The Buddha mountain is the incarnation of Buddha in my mind, wise incarnation, it gives I innumerable much feeling Wu and intelligence.I like a city like this.This city like angel in my mind, New Canada Goose Kensington Parka For Men and Women Sale Online 2014be like to admire to reach similar and clean and pure, similar give person happiness and happiness.Being like highland barley wine is similar and sweet.Only walking into this city can the feeling Wu go to this city to bring my wealth, only walking into this city can realize competition in this city of ruthlessness.Doing not walk into this city can not realize.This diary will take an of my a little sail, the alignment of a little success.This diary will record me to laugh heartily, the person and matter in my life.No matter is a good matter or bad matters will make a show of at the dear reader and the friend of at present.The Buddha mountain is a new my life point of departure, let the life head for from my a little glorious.I would not give up again, can't retreat again, can't again let the confidence slip away from the mind.Let the self-confidence rise a sail and let the frustrate flee from home from here, let mirth and progress stay here.Please remember:Don't let time at horary of the passage midstream die.Want to let time at the intense emotion and fly medium lead enrichment but again each beneficial.

Lead the angel of road go home the bird back, elaboration care.The angel usually carries on the back bird to take a sunbathe in the garden, the angel says to want to listen to the bird blow Xiao, the bird always says to have no a mood. The bird is grievedly silent, because for remembering fondly fish, the angel keeps dancing and leads to come to watching of all fairieses and endorses. The angel says:Am I beautiful? The bird says:It is beautiful. The angel says:I dance Zi beautiful? The bird says:It is beautiful. The angel says:Am I good to you? The bird says:Good. The angel says:I am very kind. The bird says:I know. The angel says:A lot of fairies want to take me. The bird says:That is happiness that you should have. The angel says:Can my happiness is in your in the mind. The bird says:Have already lived a fingerling there really and very sorry. The angel says:Is she more excellent than me? The bird says:Be not. The angel says:Why? The bird says:There is my shadow on her body.

Nietzsche thinks that the philosopher should not distort thing and its thought with the deducing of false and the dialectical method.Since Nietzsche saw, philosophy is one fluxion of personal thinking and consciousness in much time, not is basis the whole set of people of the past theory construction affirmation of the negation or the many-storied building of the negation.Very obviously, sea virtuous space Er, Wei especially root Si Tan with those behind the modern philosophy master is deeply influenced by it.In the high building of thousand windows 100 bores, the negation of negation can be affirmation after returning.Being Hegelian is once figurative of the battlefield that tored to kill, the people of the past left behind of those had again how much worth we go to affirmative. Nietzsche's emergence lets Hegelian with those behind Comte doctrine is inferior to many.Also the mankind started getting in to introspect of ages, imitate our China of Buddha the precedents was again. "The person should not cover up also not should falsity our thoughts arrive at the actual way in our brains".This is probably a shortcut, the more direct phenomenon more can find out essence.So Nietzsche's a lot of articles use a paragraph for and let people read on to feel more depressive, the deep philosophy make people can not forget and refuse, each words are rated as classic.The many people thinks that so classic paragraph and Jing sentence are immortal, I think is also.But is an exception in our China, the Lu has the future after being fast difficult and says with Nietzsche's words and work hard blood and proverb write of thing, again the Qi is what common man can know. Doing not know is Hegelian whether under the influence of Chinese bureaucracy, once going into official and thinking is long-last, oneself doesn't calculate from cradle to the grave and also paves road surfaces for descendant.In the world of whole life, did several rare matters, don't know that this calculates not to calculate "the abyss of time of merit".The many-storied building that continuously piles up, and the not exactly can resist strong wind heavy rain and take out a piece of brick to have the possibility to all tumble down.Again the common man Qi cans not know, but still need to do and is like the big net of spider similar and hard but benumbed management this that right.Even if sinking into the predicament of the silk of cc Fei has to also also do, and beautiful it Yue:"Determined old fool can move a mountain".But this world actually needs again how much Yu male!Continuous change, continuously of innovation, but the unique didn't reform of is a deeply rooted ignorant thought, "grow proper descendant" is already unsuitable for this society, at least expect a gold is to think like this, the Lu is fast to also think like this.Descend to go thus, we will sink into the mire that wes design for wes can not from pull out. Deeply rooted of unprogressive the thought is also molding some persons of bigotries at the same time, clear of can not don't give up as well for and being it, even if facing blood and life..I think if these people can transfer the following to the attention, this society be not so.In this empty world, the fatuity isn't terrible, terrible of is those persons who can never face oneself's fatuity, the most terrible is those people still is practicing so-called truth.So this world is bad.With record 8

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